Zachmielacz - East Coast IPA 330 ml

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Jeśli szukasz mocno chmielonego, goryczkowego oraz niezwykle treściwego piwa, to dobrze trafiłeś. Oto Zachmielacz z Browaru Lubrow. Jaka sama nazwa wskazuje, stawiamy w nim na chmiel, a jak chmiel to i mocna gorycz i niezwykłe aromaty odmian amerykańskich. Ale to nie wszystko. Sprawdź jak gorycz i aromat komponuje się z mocną słodowością w naszej interpretacji East Coast IPA. 

Styl: East Coast IPA

Alkohol: 7,5 %

Ekstrakt: 17,5 ° Plato

Pojemność: 330 ml

Opinie o produkcie (1)

1 maja 2021

Well, I really do not know what to say about this beer other than that I have spend large amounts of time and money to get hold of it, I even got a job in Poland and moved here (I will not admit to a correlation here as my better half would not like it, hehe). I tasted it first in 2014 at Lubrow in Gdansk and have been hooked since then. It is the perfect AIPA, and should be served from tap at a restaurant, but in these China-cough times a bottled version will have to do. Is it far off the "fresh one"? Well, yes and no. It feels more bitter in the can than from tap and will taste best if you let it breathe in a glass for a few minutes, and lacks that "freshness" that is hard to re-create from the tapped product, but by God what an IPA this is still. The Eukanot/Chinook/Citra (think there is one more hop) combination is brilliant. Resinous pine and quite fruity, a lovely aroma and long lasting aftertaste. I have bought too much of this and will continue to buy more. As far as I remember the taste is quite similar to American IPA's like Stone IPA and the norwegian "Vestkyst" from Kinn Bryggeri, but in a match-up I choose Zachmielacz every time. On tap : 9,5/10 Bottled/canned : 8,5/10 PS: Please excuse me for not writing in Polish but I am just not proficient enough to write detailed about the product yet.

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